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We recently had the most horrible customer experience with closet world. As customers we feel used, frustrated and left hanging.

Having moved into a newly purchased home we decided to custom design our closets in the house. The sales person was convincing and got contract signed without going over the options (in fine print - such as option to have backing or not). Unfortunately we were not diligent to cross check what we were signing and are now left with a total mess on our hands. The workers came to install, never went over what outcome would be...installed the closets and left.

Bottom line there are no backings, part of the closets are missing and calls go completely unheeded. Management is showing no interest to resolve. These guys are going down.

Anyone interested in sueing these guys send an interest email with your I want to stop these guys...period!

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Ive had the same exact experience with these guys.Its terrible..Moved into a new home and wanted the vanity sink and cabinets done..the lady does not go over the fine print that we have only 3 days to back out and says your work will finish in well before a week..then tells us that they don't have the product as it is back ordered and doesnt know when it will come still waiting and thay have half the deposit. Try to call for some answers but just get tossed aorund like tennis ball.

Won't let me cancel as well and get the work done elsewhere so am stuck with a sink that needs repair but need to wait till they get their *** product in!! Never been treated with such *** service !!


Did you ever hear on this. We are facing the same situation now and would totally like to know if you have any suggestions here.


If you are not happy with their work report them to the contractor's license board. They will lose the privilage of writing any new contracts until they have cleared the case with the board. Very simple, no small claims court is necessary.


Closet World delivers and installs to tens of thousands of clients per year. This thread has 8 complaints posted since Nov 2007.

That would equate to 0.0267% of unhappy "customers". I agree you can't satisfy everybody all the time, but I have to strongly disagree with these posts. When I bought from Closet World the very courteous customer service employee made it clear to me that the installation schedules are set in time blocks and my installers would arrive anytime between 3pm and 5pm because it is impossible to predict what types of situations may arise during any installation.

My installers arrived at 5:10 pm but I had been called in advance told of a situation at the previous customers house. I was fine with that since I had already planned on being home for the installation.

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