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I recently had a closet installed by Closet World and initially was very pleased with the exception that one of the jewelry drawers I ordered was the wrong one. I had to reschedule another appt for this and in the meantime the top drawer kept opening on its own. So I called back and they told me they would take care of this when they bring the correct jewelry drawer. The day of my rescheduled appt they never showed up, I made 2 phone calls to the so called "supervisor" that day who never even returned my 2 calls. Several days later I got a message saying they have to reschedule our original appt(the one they never showed up to several days ago nor called me back about) because the installer was late with the prior appt and couldn't get to me(has anyone ever heard of a courtesy phone call perhaps?). Several days later when they finally show up I am greeted by someone who appears to be fresh from the border with limited English. He comes in and I asked if he had the jewelry drawer. He has this *** look on his face and tells me "me know nothing about, only here to adjust drawer". HUH??? So now I have to get back on the phone and wait till the so called supervisor calls me back several hours later only to tell me he has no record of any jewelry drawer problem. Hello?? It was you I talked to about this! So here I go again doing their job and being my own customer advocate because obviously no one cares or communicates there. Finally he believes me about the drawer and we reschedule another appt for this. In the meantime my fresh from the border person finishes and I asked him what the original problem was with the drawer opening on its own. Again another *** look on his face and says "me just fix it, me fix" I said I understand but what was the problem, again he says "me just fix, me fix". The future of this country is in serious trouble. DO NOT EVER USE CLOSET WORLD. Once they have your money their job is done. They do not care about the customer's satisfaction or follow ups on the job not done right initially. I am so sorry I ever hired these losers. They did deliver the jewelry drawer compartments the following week, I could not be home for this so I requested(spoke with the so called supervisor again for this) they leave it on the front porch which they did(only after a call on my cell phone from the same "supervisor" that day wondering why I wasn't answering the door). This is the same supervisor I spoke with only a few days prior telling him I would not be home and to please leave them on my front porch. After I got home later that day I went to put them in my drawer only to realize my fresh from the border person did not measure correctly and now I have jewelry compartments that don't even fit. I am so fed up with trying to deal with these idiots that I have no desire to call them back as I know nothing appropriate or professional will be done to correct the situation. The only thing I have going for me is the fact that I gave a friend of mine their name and number to redo their closets on a multi million dollar home and since this inappropriate unprofessional treatment I have recieved I have since told my friend not to use them and she is doing just that after hearing my saga. Save yourself a lot of grief and money, DO NOT USE CLOSET WORLD!!!!!!!!


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